Estimated Expenses

Estimated Per Suite Monthly Expenses

We provide the following information as a general guideline of approximately how much you might spend per month as a resident of the James Lee Suites. Tax and maintenance fee amounts in this chart are exact for each suite. However, please be aware that we are providing estimates of fees for hydro, gas, phone, cable and insurance (as they vary depending on individual use and preferences of each suite owner).

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** Please note: MMF = monthly maintenance fee.
** Hydro, gas, phone + cable, and insurance amounts are estimates only.
** Monthly expenses = 1/12 of taxes + monthly maintenance fee + hydro + gas + phone/cable + insurance.

Monthly maintenance fees cover your share of common expenses in the building.

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Maintenance Fees Cover:
  • lights, heating and air conditioning in the hallways, stairwells, lobby, garage and all other common areas
  • monthly elevator maintenance
  • landscaping upkeep (grass cutting, edging, tree trimming, fertilizer, etc.)
  • snow removal and salting
  • in-ground sprinkler system
  • exterior window washing in spring and fall
  • upkeep and maintenance of garage door and parking gate
  • reserve fund contributions



Maintenance Fees DO NOT Cover:
  • natural gas service
  • hydro electricity
  • water
  • telephone service
  • cable & internet service
  • contents insurance on personal belongings
  • interior suite maintenance (painting, appliance repairs, interior window cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, plumbing and electrical repairs)
  • screen door and patio door installation/service calls